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PostSubject: Rules   Sun May 04, 2008 7:54 pm

Let's just keep things simple and have you agree not to break the rules. Glad that you agree.

1. Respect yourself and others. This is the #1 thing that will get you banned. Just be nice, if any instances occur you're gone.

2. No spamming. You maybe get demoted to spammer, or just flat out banned. Spamming includes: +1 posts, off topic posts, posts with little content (ex. 3 word answers), creating too many topics in short amounts of time, etc...

3. No porn. Do this on your own, forumotion doesn't want it here, so I don't want it here. This is insta-ban material.

4. No stupid posts. This is a lot like spam, but you can still have stupid posts that seemingly have a lot of content.

5. If you have a poll, make sure there is discussion. I don't want polls like "What is your favorite color?" because those don't spark any discussion.

6. Kind of going along with #5, make sure favorite threads spark discussion. Do just have a favorite band thread, and then have posts with one word answers just naming the band. We want to spark discussion, after all, it is a forum.
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