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 General Information

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PostSubject: General Information   Sun May 04, 2008 8:47 pm

-- What is the Point of the Forum? --

To keep in touch and to have fun! Really! There wouldn't be much point to this forum if we didn't want to participate in it.

-- Why should I join this forum, it looks like any other? --

Why not? It's totally Awesome!

Seriously though, we have attributes that make us stand out. Firstly, most forums fail when the moderating team sucks. We pride ourselves on letting our users have freedom, but having active mods that take action when necessary. We'll do our best to ban users and lock threads that are completely ridiculous in nature and useless to the forum.

-- What are a few of the things that AREN'T allowed on these forums? --

Now Many things are okay on this forum. Obscenity is allowed. The thing that will get you banned? Idiocy. Every moderator and adminstrator reserves the right to ban anyone else for being an idiot. This includes:

-Double Posting (don't hit the submit button twice, wait for the load)
-Posts that don't make sense
-Duplicate posts
-Talking about subjects you know nothing about
-Off topic posts
-Posting Porn
-etc... you get the point

There are a few things on this forum that will get you in trouble with these forums besides being an dumb ass, with most of them resulting in being banned on the spot. Obvious forum etiquette is required, and while it won't get you banned immediately, repeat offenses tend to make the mods a bit angrier at you. Here is a list of a few things that are totally taboo on the site and WILL lead to banning:

-Disobeying The Rules
-Disobeying Netiquette
- Ignoring mods' warnings. For most of the lesser offenses, the mods will warn you. Don't be an ass and do it again anyways.
-Disrespecting fellow Forumites
-Posting porn in any section besides Pr0n

Just use your common sense and you'll be fine

-- The forum isn't very large. I want a huge community to talk to and interact with! --

Yeah, that's one we're working on. Say every new member invites 5 people. Then those 5 people will invite another 5 people. The site will grow exponentially! Then you'll have the thrill of being one of the original members. All it takes is word of mouth and this place can really take off!

Besides, if it gets too large there will always be spam and hassles of idiots posting to deal with. When keeping the community at a manageable size we can moderate more efficiently and keep it enjoyable.
-- What is the Crazy Ranking system? --

For every Quality post you make it will get added to your post count. Every certain number of posts you will go up a rank. Our ranking system is:

0 - Member
10 - Guitarist
50 - Pro
100 - Hall of Famer
200 - Shredder
400 - Guitar Legend
800 - Guitar God
1000 - Hero
3000 - Poster
9001 - OVER 9000

There are also three exclusive post number that will give you a special title, but only when you're at that exact number. We'll Let you find those as you post. Two are a bit far off, but you should find one before your 100th post biggrin.gif
-- Why is my rank 'Spammer'? --'s hard to put this lightly, so I'll spit it out. You're pretty much an idiot that should be thanking the hell out of the admins for not banning your ass. An admin has deemed your posts useless, unhelpful, or all around stupid and wants to warn everyone so they can beware of your posts. You should just thank your lucky stars you weren't banned.

Now maybe...just maybe you can get a real title back by becoming a helpful, responsible, contributer to the site...maybe.

I will be editing this as problems and such arise and FAQ increase.
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General Information
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