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 Luck vs Skill

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PostSubject: Luck vs Skill   Thu Jun 12, 2008 7:53 pm

Ok the other day I was at my friends house and I was playing Guitar Hero. When I'm bored I'll go through practice and play the solos. Well I hit something that I've never hit before and his response was "That was lucky as hell". I just don't think Guitar Hero has much luck involved at least in that aspect because you know what buttons you have to press and your trying to hit them and most of the time you conciously know which buttons you pressed and why you missed a certain note(s). This lead on to the discussion of luck vs skill. He provided the example of a shortstop playing baseball and a line drive coming at him very fast. He ducks his head and throws up his hand to try to catch the ball. I said it's not luck because he knew where the ball was coming and he put his glove in the right place at the right time. Basically what I'm saying is do you guys believe in luck in certain things?
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Luck vs Skill
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