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 RB2 On-Disc Expert Bass OD Paths

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PostSubject: RB2 On-Disc Expert Bass OD Paths   Thu Mar 19, 2009 8:44 pm

Here is a compilation of all of the on-disc Rock Band 2 songs and the OD paths for Expert Bass. Here is a guide as to how this works:
Let's use 2(+1)-5th green. The 2 represents how many OD sets you will gather before activating. In this case, you will gather two sets of OD and activate on the 5th green directly following that last OD set. In other words, you will gather two sets of OD, count the greens after it, and activate on the 5th one. The +1 in the parenthesis tells you how many more OD sets you will gather DURING activation. So, after activating on the 5th green, you will gain 1 more OD set during the activation. Lastly, NN represents next note. Therefore, after getting the number of OD sets it says, you will activate on the note directly after picking it up.

Warmup Songs
Eye of the Tiger
2(+1)-2nd green | 2(+0)-NN | 2(+1)-1st note of next OD | 2(+0)-1st red
So What'cha Want
2(+1)-6th green | 2(+1)-2nd green | 3(+1)-NN
That's What You Get
3(+1)-9th red | 3(+0)-NN | 4(+0)-1st red
Come Out and Play (Keep 'Em Separated)
2(+0)-2nd green | 2(+0)-1st blue | 2(+1)-2nd note of next OD | 2(+0)-1st orange | 2(+1)-3rd orange
Float On
2(+1)-1st note of next OD | 2(+1)-1st note of next OD | 2(+0)-9th blue
2(+0)-10th green | 2(+0)-4th blue | 2(+0)-1st yellow after 2nd set of greens
My Own Worst Enemy
2(+0)-5th blue | 2(+0)-3rd blue | 3(+0)-4th red
Spirit in the Sky
3(+1)-12th green | 2(+1)-2nd note of next OD | 2(+0)-14th green | 2(+0)-NN | 2(+0)-NN
2(+0)-NN | 2(+0)-NN
Man in the Box
4(+1)-20th green | 3(+0)-19th green | 2(+0)-23rd green | 2(+0)-4th green
Round and Round
2(+0)-4th green | 2(+1)-2nd yellow | 4(+2)-6th Y | 3(+0)-15th yellow
One Step Closer
2(+0)-NN | 3(+1)-2nd green

Apprentice Songs
Let There Be Rock
2(+0)-NN | 2(+0)-NN | 2(+0)-NN | 2(+0)-4th yellow | 1(+1)-2nd green after 13th long green note | 3(+0)-3rd long green | 2(+1)-5th long yellow | 1(+1)-8th green | 2(+0)-7th green | 2(+0)-NN | 3(+1)-7th long blue note
Pretend We're Dead
3(+0)-5th green | 2(+0)-1st red | 2(+1)-6th green | 2(+0)-9th green
Nine in the Afternoon
2(+0)-5th green | 2(+0)-NN | 2(+0)-3rd orange | 2(+0)-13th yellow
Rebel Girl
2(+0)-NN | 2(+0)-NN | 2(+0)-NN | 2(+0)-1st orange in 6th set of oranges
Lazy Eye
2(+0)-2nd green in 5th set of greens | 2(+1)-10th note of next OD | 3(+1)-1st orange | 2(+0)-2nd green in 5th set of greens | 3(+0)-8th green | 2(+0)-6th red | 2(+0)-NN
Hungry Like the Wolf
3(+0)-NN | 2(+1)-7th red | 2(+1)-7th green | 3(+0)-2nd green
New Kid in School
3(+2)-4th green | 3(+1)-8th blue | 2(+1)-1st red
Master Exploder
2(+0)-4th green | 3(+0)-10th red
Pump It Up
2(+0)-1st green | 2(+0)-NN | 3(+0)-2nd orange | 2(+0)-1st orange | 2(+0)-NN | 2(+0)-NN
Alabama Getaway
2(+0)-9th red | 2(+1)-5th red | 2(+0)-10th red | 2(+1)-3rd green | 2(+0)-2nd red | 2(+0)-17th red
American Woman
2(+0)-NN | 3(+0)-6th blue | 2(+0)-1st green | 2(+0)-26th blue
Drain You
2(+0)-5th blue | 1(+0)-Last beat in the 1st OD | 2(+1)-1st note of next OD | 3(+0)-NN | 3(+0)-17th green

Solid Songs
Tangled Up in Blue
2(+0)-20th red | 2(+0)-4th red | 2(+0)-9th red | 2(+0)-3rd blue | 2(+0)-2nd yellow | 3(+0)-27th red
Kids in America
2(+0)-1st red | 2(+0)-1st green | 2(+0)-NN | 3(+0)-7th yellow | 2(+0)-NN | 3(+0)-2nd yellow
Bad Reputation
2(+1)-5th red | 2(+0)-1st blue after 1st long yellow note | 2(+1)-2nd note next OD | 3(+1)-4th yellow | 2(+0)-3rd red
I Was Wrong
2(+0)-5th green | 2(+0)-10th yellow | 2(+1)-7th red | 2(+1)-10th red
Conventional Lover
3(+0)-4th yellow | 2(+0)-4th blue | 2(+0)-9th yellow | 2(+0)-4th blue | 4(+0)-1st blue
We Got the Beat
2(+1)-4th red | 2(+0)-NN | 3(+1)-7th red
Welcome to the Neighborhood
3(+0)1st yellow | 3(+0)-3rd green in 3rd set of greens | 2(+0)-NN (**do not whammy fully**) | 2(+0)-3rd green in 3rd set of greens
The Middle
2(+0)-1st green in 2nd set of greens | 2(+0)-1st green in 2nd set of greens | 2(+0)-NN | 2(+0)-1st blue | 2(+0)-NN
2(+0)-NN | 2(+0)-NN | 2(+0)-3rd red | 2(+0)-7th yellow | 2(+1)-13th yellow | 2(+1)-1st green | 2(+0)-NN
Shooting Star
3(+0)-2nd orange | 2(+0)-1st blue | 2(+0)-3rd yellow | 2(+1)-2nd red | 2(+0)-1st yellow after 1st long blue note
2(+1)-7th blue | 2(+0)-4th yellow | 3(+0)-6th red
A Jagged Gorgeous Winter
2(+0)-1st red | 2(+0)-NN | 2(+0)-NN | 2(+1)-NN | 2(+0)-1st red after the 7th green

Moderate Songs
Hello There
2(+1)-When you get to a 6x multiplier | 2(+1)-2nd green
Go Your Own Way
3(+0)-3rd red | 3(+1)-4th blue | 2(+1)-4th red in 2nd set of reds | 2(+0)-NN
Cool for Cats
2(+0)-6th yellow | 2(+0)-NN | 2(+0)-2nd green | 3(+1)-3rd red
One Way or Another
2(+0)-4th yellow | 1(+1)-8th note of next OD | 2(+1)-3rd orange | 2(+0)-1st blue | 2(+1)-14th blue
Supreme Girl
2(+0)-9th yellow | 2(+0)-1st yellow | 2(+0)-NN | 2(+0)-8th orange | 2(+0)-2nd red
Psycho Killer
2(+1)-11th red | 2(+1)-11th red | 2(+0)-NN | 3(+0)-40th yellow
Rock'n Me
2(+0)-NN | 2(+0)-12th red | 2(+0)-5th green | 2(+0)-NN | 2(+0)-1st yellow in 3rd set of yellows
3(+1)-4th orange after 4th long blue note | 3(+1)-10th yellow | 2(+0)-3rd blue
Teen Age Riot
2(+0)-1st blue | 2(+1)-Once you get full bar | 2(+2)-1st blue | 2(+0)-NN | 1(+0)-1st blue | 2(+0)-7th red | 2(+2)-2nd red | 2(+1)-3rd OJ | 2(+1)-4th red
Pinball Wizard
3(+1)-9th blue | 2(+0)-1st green | 1 OD phrase unused
White Wedding (Part 1)
2(+0)-NN | 2(+0)-1st yellow in 2nd set of yellows | 2(+0)-9th red | 2(+0)-NN | 2(+0)-NN | 3(+1)-47th yellow
2(+0)-NN | 2(+0)-NN | 3(+1)-1st blue | 2(+0)-6th green | 2(+2)-8th note of next OD

Challenging Songs
Mountain Song
2(+0)-4th RB chord | 2(+0)-4th RB chord | 2(+1)-1st RY chord | 2(+0)-4th RB chord | 2(+1)-4th RB chord
Alex Chilton
3(+0)-4th red | 2(+2)-8th red after 2nd long orange note | 3(+1)-10th blue | 2(+0)-15th blue
Feel the Pain
1(+1)-6th blue | 3(+1)-7th green | 2(+1)-NN | 2(+1)-NN | 3(+0)-1st RB chord
Where'd You Go?
2(+0)-NN | 3(+2)-1st note of next OD | 2(+1)-3rd green
Any Way You Want It
2(+1)-5th blue | 2(+0)-NN | 2(+0)-4th orange | 2(+1)-9th red
Night Lies
2(+0)-NN | 2(+1)-1st yellow | 2(+0)-5th green after the 1st long blue note | 2(+1)-5th green | 2(+0)-7th red
Girl's Not Grey
2(+0)-11th red after the 2nd long orange | 2(+0)-3rd orange | 3(+2)-8th yellow
Livin' on a Prayer
2(+0)-9th red | 2(+1)-1st orange | 2(+0)-13th blue | 2(+2)-16th yellow
Shackler's Revenge
2(+0)-3rd red | 2(+1)-1st note next OD | 2(+0)-NN | 3(+1)-12th red
Give It Away
3(+0)-2nd red | 2(+0)-2nd green | 2(+0)-2nd red | 3(+0)-6th red after the 2nd green note
2(+2)-2nd GY chord | 3(+1)-4th BO chord
Give It All
2(+0)-2nd red | 2(+2)-13th red | 4(+0)-1st yellow after 8th set of blue notes

Nightmare Songs
Down With the Sickness
2(+1)-7th green after the 8th red | 2(+2)-3rd green after the 11th red | 3(+0)-2nd red
Get Clean
2(+0)-3rd red | 2(+0)-5th yellow | 3(+1)-13th red | 2(+0)-1st blue
2(+1)-1st green | 2(+0)-8th beat after 3rd long blue note | 2(+0)-7th green | 1(+1)-2nd red
2(+0)-5th yellow | 4(+1)-NN | 2(+1)-2nd orange | 1(+1)-17th red | 2(+0)-2nd red | 2(+0)-1st yellow
Rob the Prez-O-Dent
2(+0)-NN | 2(+0)-Just after 2nd orange note | 3(+0)-1st green after 3rd long red note
Our Truth
3-(+0)-3rd blue | 2(+1)-8th green | 2(+0)-4th G
You Oughta Know
3(+0)-4th green | 2(+0)-1st yellow after the break | 2(+0)-9th green
Uncontrollable Urge
2(+0)-3rd green | 3(+1)-4th blue | 1(+1)-2nd green | 3(+0)-1st yellow | 2(+1)-17th green
The Trees (Vault Edition)
2(+0)-NN | 2(+0)-4th green | 2(+0)-5th blue | 2(+0)-4th yellow | 3(+0)-7th blue
Almost Easy
3(+0)-16th green | 4(+1)-16th green | 3(+2)-1st green in the 2nd set of greens | 4(+0)-13th red
Colony of Birchmen
2(+0)-3rd red | 2(+1)-7th green | 3(+1)-1st blue | 2(+1)- 14th blue
2(+1)-1st note next OD | 2(+1)-1st note next OD | 2(+1)-after break | 2(+0)-NN

Impossible Songs
Carry on Wayward Son
2(+0)-immediately (**do not whammy fully**) | 2(+2)-6th note next OD | 2(+0)-NN | 2(+0)-10th yellow | 2(+0)-1st green after 3rd long green note | 2(+0)-NN
1(+1)-11th RO chord | 1(+1)-4th green | 2(+1)-4th green | 2(+0)-2nd green | 3(+2)-1st RO chord | 2(+1)-9th yellow | 3(+0)-1st green
2(+1)-1st green in 2nd set of greens (**do not squeeze**) | 2(+0)-1st red in 2nd streak of reds | 2(+1)-17th red after the 1st long orange note | 2(+0)-17th red after the 2nd long orange note | 2(+0)-3rd green | 2(+0)-1st red after the 4th green note
Shoulder to the Plow
1(+0)-3rd red | 3(+0)-2nd blue | 3(+0)-2nd blue | 2(+1)-9th red after the 4th orange note | 3(+0)-1st blue after the 1st long red note
Ramblin' Man
3(+1)-4th green | 2(+0)-5th red | 2(+0)-1st green | 2(+0)-NN | 2(+0)-NN | 2(+0)-1st yellow | 2(+0)-10th orange
Ace of Spades '08
2(+2)-3rd note next OD | 3(+1)-1st RB chord after 2nd lone red note | 2(+0)-3rd RY chord
Peace Sells
2(+0)-NN | 2(+0)-NN | 3(+2)-1st note of next OD | 2(+0)-NN | 3(+0)-NN
Chop Suey
3(+2)-1st green | 2(+2)-1st note of next OD | 1(+0)-2nd yellow
Souls of Black
3(+1)-13th red | 2(+0)-4th orange | 3(+2)-1st note of next OD
3(+0)-11th yellow | 2(+0)-1st orange | 2(+0)-NN | 2(+1)-2nd green | 2(+1)-2nd beat into the 5th red hold | 1(+0)-2nd blue | 2(+1)-2nd red after the break | 2(+0)-3rd blue | 2(+0)-10th red
2(+0)-3rd green | 3(+1)-last note next OD | 4(+0)-1st green | 4(+0)-15th green
Panic Attack
2(+0)-NN | 2(+0)-4th green | 3(+1)-16th yellow | 2(+1)-1st note of next OD | 3(+0)-1st green | 2(+0)-NN | 2(+0)-NN | 2(+0)-1st red | 2(+1)-2nd yellow after the 1st long red note
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RB2 On-Disc Expert Bass OD Paths
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